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Telehealth is a delivery platform where therapists can interact with you and your child while you are at home. The therapist has an opportunity to see your child's natural environment and will be able to design therapeutic intervention that are more personalized for your child's needs. This is a great way to review your home exercise programs, continue progress toward goals, and support your extended stay at home.

Telehealth Access: Zoom or Google Meet

  • Every STEP Family can give input on which platform they feel comfortable using

  • Therapists will provide links to families

  • Click HERE for "Telehealth Tips & Tricks."


Scheduling your Telehealth Visit

  • Our administrative staff will support families with scheduling Telehealth appointments.

  • Back-to-Back Sessions: an option for those families utilizing more than one discipline.

  • Co-Treatments:  Co-treats are available for Telehealth!


In-Clinic Regularly Scheduled Sessions

  • If your child, or any member of the family is feeling ill - change your normally in-clinic visit to Telehealth!

Thank you for choosing STEP Therapy Pediatrics to be a part of your village!

We are looking forward to seeing you ONLINE!

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