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What to Expect

on Your First Day

We are excited to meet you and your child on your evaluation day! Please note evaluations are 90 minutes total.

Here is what to expect on your first day:

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Arrive 10 Minutes Early

Please arrive 10 minutes early to your scheduled evaluation to get settled in. Bathrooms are located in the main building down the hallway on the first floor by the drinking fountain.

  • Please read our Safe Operating Procedures to help us establish safe and effective in-clinic therapy service delivery.

Intake Consultation

Our Intake consultations are completed first and are scheduled for approximately 30 minutes with our friendly office manager. The office manager will sit with you, while your child plays in our comfortable waiting room, to discuss your insurance benefits, scheduling, payment options, and answer any questions that you may have.

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Meet Your Therapist

Once your Intake Consultation is complete your evaluating therapist will meet you in our comfortable waiting room and then guide you and your child to a designated room for evaluations.

Nursery Play

Your evaluation with the therapist will last approximately 60 minutes. Your child will interact with the therapist and have the opportunity to engage in the clinic environment. Your therapist may ask you lots of questions about your goals for your child and ask about your child’s strengths and challenges. ​

Autism Therapy
Treatment Recommendations

Treatment recommendations are given at the conclusion of your evaluation.  Please note that often your evaluating therapist may not be the treating therapist for your child going forward.  Once your child is scheduled with a treating therapist, you will stay with that therapist on the same day and time per the evaluation recommendations in order to support rapport and relationship building with your child and your therapist.

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 Insurance Authorizations & Scheduling Therapy Sessions
  • If your insurance provider requires authorization for continued services, then we will capture your availability for scheduling at the end of your evaluation.

  • Authorizations submission date may take up to 5 business days after your evaluation date of service.  

  • Many insurance companies require submission of the completed evaluation. In order to support best quality of evaluation production, evaluations are complete by the therapist within three 3 business days after your evaluation. Two business days after evaluation completion, the STEP team will process the evaluation in preparation for submission to your insurance company. 

  • Authorization times by your insurance company can range from 2-6 weeks.  

  • Once authorization is obtained, we are able to schedule your child for ongoing therapy.  

  • Please note that if you have dual insurances we must obtain authorization from both primary and secondary insurances before scheduling can take place. 


The STEP team is very invested in assuring that you and your child have a great experience with us.  Please reach out if you have any questions about authorizations, our processes or supports.

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